"I visited 12 Boston area studios searching for the right place to record our demo. Night Train was an easy decision. The studio had everything we needed and nothing we didn't. Zac was professional & easy to work with."


- Zac Cullington, of BOOTY VORTEX


"Beautiful studio. Layout of rooms is unique and provides for a creative atmosphere. Zac is very helpful and easy to work with."

- Josh Weinberg, of INSIGNIYA



"Best Day Ever!"

- Matthew Riemer, of THE PASS


"Fast, competent and very professional.  This is a first rate studio."

- Ken Shulman, NPR Reporter



"We searched high & low & loved what Night Train offered; a very comfortable and attractive studio space, state of the art equipment, affordable prices and most importantly enough elbow room for all 13 of us to get our groove on!!"

- Kelly Schauf, of Booty Vortex



"It was excellent!!!  Wonderful treatment!  I felt right at home.  Top notch equipment and a very very cozy and comfortable facility."

- Marcelo Carboni, of Silencio



"The whole experience was great!  They are both very knowledgeable sound engineers and very nice people."

- Marvio Costa dos Santos, of Silencio

"Cool People.  Laid back place to record.  Really happy with the way the music came out."

- Donald Robinson, of Have At It


"Zac tolerates high levels of bitching.  He knows what he is doing.  Equipment is top notch."

- Jake Gardner, of Have At It



"Cool spot"

- Kyle Mealy, of Deep C


 "Zac was very patient and understood what I was trying to do."

- Patrick McKenna


"Awesome experience.  Had lots of fun,  I wish I could be here all day everyday."

- Kyle Sewyck



"The folks at Night Train were an absolute pleasure to work with.  The material that we have so far sounds great and I'll definitely recommend them to everyone."

- Bill Johnston, of Deep C



"Nice studio. Nice people."

- Rick Rosa, of the Pass



"Very professional but with a relaxed comfortable, homey atmosphere."

- Katie Sullivan




"Professional & comfortable experience"

- Vinnie Dolan, of Acoustic Curve



"Night Train Studios is incredible because it is relaxed, professional and very accommodating.  Plus the sound engineers were patient and very helpful.  I would definitely record here again."

- Trevor Walker, of Marmalading




"Great studio, clean, excellent layout & instruments.  Knowledgable & honest staff."

- Geoff Cramer, of Booty Vortex



"Thoroughly interesting.  Fabulous feedback."

- Joseph Godwin




"Zac was very patient and understood what I was trying to do."


"Zac Kicks Ass - cool dude and great recording atmosphere."

- Shaun "Crash" Merrill




"Very cooperative, helpful, and hospitable.  Also quite patient. Thanks for the work."

- Adam Talaid, of RTP Racer



"Very clean, modern and comfortable.  Chris and Zac are very knowledgeable and friendly.  Thanks guys!"

- Sue Cyr, of Acoustic Curve




"Very good.  Nice job."

- Fred Abatelli, of Acoustic Curve



"Zac and the crew made me feel right at home - awesome!"

- Scott Dockendorff


The best way to contact me is by email at zac@nighttrainstudios.com or via the Contact Form.

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